About Me

I started Vintage Passementerie over 20 years ago as a natural extension of my passion for textile design and ribbon arts.

My career started with sewing my own clothes in my teens and progressed to learning the art of lace making including traditional bobbin lace. For a decade I was a self-taught weaver specializing in production of intricate patterns for traditional coverlets and silks for designer handbags.   After taking ribbon art classes with Candice Kling in the 90’s, I both taught classes and designed and sold my own ribbon flowers. After many years of study I have been awarded three certificates from the City and Guilds of London Institute in Design, Embroidery and Textile Decorations.

Today, while still pursing my art, I use all these experiences to curate and sell ribbons, trims, and textiles to those with similar interests and passions.

 Margaret Phillips