Vintage French Ombre Ribbon For Pansies

Vintage French ombre ribbon is the quintessential ribbon for ribbon pansies. Featured in classic  books on the art of ribbon flowers, it is a favorite of ribbon artists. Beautiful when used as the center of your flowers combined with other ribbons, or on its own for petite flowers as shown in the pictures.

This lovely ribbon is 5/8th of an inch in width and combines colors of pinks, lavender, purple , rusts and yellows in the incredibly fine warp threads. A very fine satin weave edging makes this a very sturdy yet delicately woven ribbon. Rayon fibers.

You can make 2, 1 1/4th inch pansies with less than 1 yard of ribbon.

The silk picot ombre ribbon I used for the leaves in the pictures of the pansy samples is available in another listing.

Price is per yard while quantities last.

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