Vintage French Ribbon Circa 1950

Vintage French Coquelicot red rayon ribbon is more finely woven than the wired acetate ombre ribbon we are used to. Ribbon is 2 inches in width, has a lovely shear quality and is perfect for ribbon flowers and bows.
This is one of the ribbons I use for my ribbon flowers.
Available in 2 and 2 & 3/4th inch widths.

Picture shows a millinery poppy  with crimped edges made with this ribbon available in the ribbon flowers category.

Vintage stamens are also available.

Sold by the yard.

Coquelicot or coquelico (KOHK-lee-koh) is the wild corn poppy, Papaver rhoeas, hence also the bright red color, tinted with orange of its flowers. In French, coquelicot is a vernacular name of this poppy. Claude Monet painted "Les Coquelicots" or "Poppies Blooming" in 1873.

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