Superb Antique French Ribbon Lace Embroidered Rhinestone Spangeled Appliqué

This petite antique French appliqué is a masterfull creation of the embroiderers' art.
It is a small 3 & 1/2 by 4 inches, but has many examples of embroidery techniques including:
tiny ruched silk ribbon flowers in cream and lavender with gold METAL knot centers.
Gold METAL logenze shaped spangles,
metal thread embellished padded lace appliqués,
glass rhinestones encircled with silver beads, couched gold cords,
reverse appliqué in METAL cloth of gold,
lace embellished with gold and silver metal perl stitch.
It has two silk cords on the back you could run a ribbon through to make a surperb Edwardian/1920's headpiece. I wonder if that was their purpose
Excellent unused antique condition with maybe 1 or 2 loose stitches.

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Price: $125.00

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