Antique Tambour Embroidery French Applique

Fine quality French Point de Beauvais/tambour embroidery dates from the 1920's, and is in pristine unused condition.
Piece has many motifs of foliage and flowers in pinks, corals, blues, yellows and lavenders and greens.
Embroidery is extremely fine and executed on fine cotton gauze.
Motif measures 8.5 by 3 inches, and the gauze measures 6.5 by 12 inches.
I have shown the embroidey back lit in one photo.
Price is for one piece.
Point de Beauvais embroidery is worked from beneath the cloth using a very fine crochet hook, resembling a regular needle, to push and pull the thread, forming interlocking loops on the top surface and making a real “chain stitch”.
Tambour embroidery or tambour work is a technique whereby a chain stitch is worked with a fine hook (a tambour hook) on a fine,
 slightly open-weave cloth that is stretched over a frame. This type of work may have originated in India, where it is known as ari work or ari embroidery.
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