Hand Sewn French Inspired Sewing Case with Antique Trims

This hand sewn sewing case is modeled from an antique silk case in my collection using vintage green and ivory French toile/ticking and antique handmade silk trims.
The case is made from French toile with woven motifs of roses and bows.
There are hand made silk trims on the front as well as the back of the folding case.
The large silk rose applique has hand embroidered silk padded details as shown in the picture.
The toile case is lined with wool felt that has pinked edges using antique Victorian pinking machines.
There is also a four layer, folding wool felt book for pins and needles.
I have included four antique bone and steel tools; An awl, a button hook, crochet hook and bodkin.
There are also two packs of antique needles a gold gilt card of Mother of pearl buttons, and a packet of antique black glass and blue steel veil pins.
The package is an exact reproduction made to hold the antique veil pins, (also available in the pin category.)
Needle case measures about 4 & 1/2 by 6 inches when folded and 14 inches when opened.
Pink silk case shown in the picture is the original model.

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