The House of Adair Beaded Silk French Evening Dress Circa 1920’s Gatsby Era

Famous French House of Adair long column style silk satin and hand beaded dress dates to the early 1920's. Color is the classic palette of coral pink silk with fine hand beading in pale pink, ivory satin glass and clear silver lined beads. Floral motifs are scattered along the length of the dress with three profusely glass bead embroidered bands and two flounces of hand made silk Fortuny style pleating.
Dress has a silk lining that is sewn in to the dress and is finished with a pink silk grosgrain ribbon band. Fabulous one of a kind creation slips over the head in an easy-to-wear style. Dress measures 19 inches across the bust measured flat and 20 inches across the hips measured flat. The dress is 44 inches in length from the top of the shoulders to the hemline. There is a House of Adair label sewn onto one side seam between the lining and the dress as shown in the picture.
Condition: This exceptional original creation has never been worn. It displays as new. I can find no wear. I found three pin holes, less than 1 dozen missing beads, and a 1 & 1/4th inch split at the back near the first beaded band which should be reinforced by a professional, and 1 tiny 1/4th inch split in the grosgrain ribbon at the bottom of the dress lining.I found one eraser size darker patina in one of the pleats. I found a small number of reinforcement stitches in the arm scythe on one side. I had to look under a magnifier to find these small imperfections.
Dress is in excellent antique condition.

The House of Adair made beaded dresses in France for export to the Unites States, United Kingdom and Canada. Their production peaked in 1924-25.

The original Fortuny pleating was developed by Mariano Fortuny, a Spanish fashion designer, artist and inventor that started his couture fashions in 1906. The fabric he pleated was silk and the techniques he used were done entirely by hand.

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