Taffeta & Silk Ribbon Roses Reticule

Charming taffeta reticule dates to the 1920's and has a delicious combination of pinks, coral, blue, violet and gold metal ribbon accents. There are six 1 inch hand made silk ribbon and fabric roses (three in front and three in back) and tiny delicate gold metal ribbon leaves and metal banding detail. There is a sturdy fabric covered bottom and a matching one on the inside of the purse. There is a woven cord drawstring. Purse measures 5 & 1/2 inches high and 18 inches in diameter.
CONDITION: Purse is in excellent condition. It does not look like it was ever used. Lining is intact, stitching is intact. There is a 1 inch missing piece of the metal ribbon on the bottom of the purse as shown in the picture. There is a small eraser size lighter patina hidden where the drawstring gathers on one side.

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