Create Your Own Fuschias Supplies

This collection of French ombre, vintage ribbons and stamens are all you need to create your own fuschias just like the sample in the pictures.
Is all you need is your own ribbon flower instruction book for the details.
The supplies include one yard each of 1 1/2 inch width red/pink ombre ribbon, 1 inch width purple ombre ribbon, and a yard of vintage 1/2 inch grosgrain that has been pleated.
Also included are 6 cloth covered wires for stems in two thicknesses and lengths, a bunch of vintage lavender stamens, 1 dozen wired fuschia stamens, and 6 green wooden beads.
You should be able to create at least 6 fuschias with these supplies with some left over. The green pleated ribbon is enough for 9 leaves using 4 inch pieces.
You may also just purchase the ribbons.
Please choose the fuschia supplies or the ribbons of your choice.

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