Gold Metal Ribbon Embossed with Lilacs 1920’s

Words cannot describe and cameras cannot capture the loveliness of this rare embossed gold metal ribbon.

Ribbon has been embossed and printed with lilacs in lavender with detailed veined foliage and stems. The embossing and printing process on metal threads produces highlights of gold, green, lavender and brass which was hard to capture with the camera. Ribbon is 4 inches in width with right or left facing repeats every 4 inches. There are between 8 and 9 repeats for every 1 yard of ribbon. (sold by the half yard)

This is a heavy metal ribbon in excellent antique condition. Color is a brass/antique gold.

This was found with a partially finished dress dating from the 1920's.


Sold by the 1/2 yard.

These have been precut.

Most lengths are a few inches longer than 18 inches.




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