Victorian Embroidery Silks Store Display

This large four drawer display box dates from 1880/90's. The original box is packed full of embroidery silks, silk floss, boil proof "Artificial Silks" (rayon) and other embroidery threads that have been added to the original inventory. The top drawer contains 100 rd's of 4 & 1/2 yard 6 strand boil proof rayon as shown in the picture with their original gold gilt labels and instructions for shading flowers and foliage printed on the lid of the box.
The second, third and fourth drawer contains over 108 packages of Richardson's, Belding Bros. and other "Embroidery Silks" that each contain 1 dozen or more a few less individual skeins with their own labels, plus other loose packages and skeins. Each drawer lid has instructions for shading flowers and foliage.
Box measures 10 & 3/4th high by 20 inches in length by 12 inches deep. Each drawer is 2 & 1/4th inches deep. Canvas covered wooden box is in excellent original antique condition as shown with patina, scrapes, frays etc.
As you can see by the pictures, the drawers are full.
A treasure trove for the needle artist and those restoring antique embroideries.

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